Sustainable art

My sustainable art was compiled of items that I found and repurposed either in my room or garage. They included: magazines that were going to be thrown away; Christmas lights; color changing lights from my room; a hamper; clothes that were gonna be donated, a cup; books from my shelves; a projector; a mirror; aContinue reading “Sustainable art”

Virtual Worlds

On Roblox users have the capability of playing and creating servers with games that they create on them. How the platform works is that once a server becomes popular enough it will gain more people playing it and rise on the website’s search or front page. The platform gives artists the ability to explore whatContinue reading “Virtual Worlds”

Vlog about Vlog

What was your goal with your video? My goal was to practice talking to the camera Did you accomplish your goal? Why? Or why not? I didn’t accomplish how I wanted my video to sound, I tried many many many times and i didnt like how i was talking to the camera. What would youContinue reading “Vlog about Vlog”

Drawing and your Brain

The automatic drawing we had consisted of, “why are you moving it” and “why are you so stiff.” It was fun to do an activity together as well as have an activity to have during this quarantine. When we finished, I saw a sun and clouds, Melvin saw a Cannon. Peaceful vs war, or justContinue reading “Drawing and your Brain”

Shocking Art

Why did you choose this idea? As soon as I heard the word “shocking” my mind was reminded of another “uncomfortable.” I thought of what made me uncomfortable, and what I’ve seen others have been uncomfortable with, and the first thing that came to mind then was nudity. After I thought I wanted to doContinue reading “Shocking Art”

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